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Google May Be Spying On Other App Activity To Create Own Apps

Back in 2014, Facebook had paid a huge sum of $19 billion to acquire WhatsApp. At that time that had seemed like a huge sum for the app which is used for mobile chatting. WhatsApp had at that time already had a huge base of users and ever since it has increased manifolds and it can be safely said that this was a good move by Facebook to buy WhatsApp. However, it has also been learned that the success has come at the cost of privacy.

It has been revealed that Facebook was using a different app which was known as Onavo for spying on WhatsApp and this is what made them buy the chat service which was rivaling their product Facebook Messenger. In the year 2020 though, Google is expected to have a strategy similar to that. The company has been using a tool internally which can measure the activity of the users as per a new report. This is going to help Google in making better products and improving their new products. Instead of trying to recreate a WhatsApp like app, Google is looking to spy on the usage and come up with its own apps.

Google has admitted that it is using the services and the investigations in future will be telling the world about how the process of extraction works for Google. Google has been using an unreported service which is known as Android Lockbox for monitoring how the users are interacting with the Android apps which are not coming out of the Google house. Employees are seeing the data about a lot of sensitive information about the users of these apps.

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